Our Mission

We are committed to delivering cost-effective sustainable wireless and engineering solutions strategically designed to meet your needs.

Our Vision

To be a recognizable leader of wireless and engineering solutions.

At AWAT, our engineers have a strong background in designing, building, and optimizing varied networks in both the United States and Global markets utilizing and streamlining new technologies including but not limited to; LTE, UMTS, CDMA, GSM, DAS, and LMR.

Our core competencies are based in our skill set of new and emerging technologies such as 3G and 4G systems. At AWAT, we pride our engineers, on their esteemed education, and expertise levels, making us among the best in the field. We can provide highly skilled engineers with extenstive experience in many regions throughout the United States and abroad.

Today, we are constantly evolving to accommodate new technologies and trends introduced to the wireless world.

AWAT strongly believes in open communications between the Program Management Site Development and the RF engineering departments, as this is essential to the success of the market build-out. Our engineers are adept in providing and working abreast with site development departments to expedite zoning and building permits.

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